Bag Gripper

DESTACO Bag Gripper end effectors offer end-of-line, pick-and-place palletizing solutions.  The DBG Series Bag Gripper utilizes a simplified, field adjustable, lightweight design to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable Bag Gripper available today. Speed Matters - With rapid actuation and lightweight design, the DESTACO Bag Gripper can palletize up to 30 bags per minute when working in concert with robotic automation. Secure Transfer - Our Bag Grippers utilize an enclosed, pneumatic toggle-lock power clamp with integrated open/close sensing to hold bags secure even if air pressure is lost.  No need for complicated linkages. More Options - Available options include pallet pick, slip sheet transfer, spring or pneumatically controlled back-up and multiple valve/controls packages. DOWNLOAD - PDF FILE (6MB)