Lightweight Tooling

LIGHTWEIGHT END EFFECTOR TOOLING The DESTACO Accelerate Collection® of Lightweight End Effector Tooling is a reduced weight end effector designed to help you move parts faster in today's high-speed automation.  Accelerate end effectors can provide production line speed gains of up to 30 percent with up to a 50 percent reduction in weight making it possible for lines to move faster without putting undue stress on automation equipment.  As many workers manually change tooling on automated lines, Accelerate end effectors' lighter weight improves ergonomics, resulting in higher worker safety ratings. The Accelerate Collection consists of a wide range of sleek, modular aluminum components that can be assembled into custom end effectors for most press room stamping applications.  Although Accelerate components are lighter than others, they are sized to global standards, making them compatible with existing equipment around the world, regardless of brand. The Accelerate Collection improves productivity due to the high strength, yet very lightweight aircraft aluminum components. Increased Speed: Capable of increasing productivity by 25 to 30% with lightweight components Improved Ergonomics: 50% weight reduction with high strength aircraft aluminum vs. steel components resulting in higher safety ratings for workers Reduced Maintenance: Decreased downtime due to less wear and tear on automation with Lightweight Tooling DOWNLOAD - PDF FILE (5MB)