Custom Cams

CAMCO CUSTOM CAMS DESTACO's CAMCO Custom Cam design and manufacturing services serve as an economical alternative to "in house" cam design, engineering and manufacturing.  Backed by over 50 years of experience, we offer cams in a comprehensive range of configurations, tolerances, and materials. EXPERT DESIGN AND INSPECTION Our designers employ the most advanced technology available for detailed kinematic studies and dynamic analysis. In addition to common dimensional inspection, we perform computerized contour measurement with sophisticated, unique inspection instruments. MANUFACTURING PRECISION AND QUALITY Our commitment to applied engineering allows us to respond quickly to complicated manufacturing problems with specialized solutions that are precise, economical and engineered to your exacting specifications. Alternative materials, milling, and grinding techniques are explored to provide the best solution for your application at the most economical price. Plate Cams Popular, economical design used in low speed applications. Globoidal Cams Complex, tapered rib globoidal cams, commonly known as roller gear cams, are the heart of IMC's indexers. Controlled follower preloads increase follower life, speeds and accuracy for the ultimate solution in motion control. Face-Grooved Cams Medium speed cams utilizing a groove slightly larger than the follower diameter providing minimal running clearance and reduced backlash. Conjugate Cams Dual cams controlling preloaded followers which provide higher speed capabilities and better accuracy. Barrel Cams Cylindrical cams which can be provided as an end cam, grooved type with minimal follower clearance or as a ribbed type utilizing preloaded followers for increased life and accuracy. DOWNLOAD - PDF FILE (9MB)