Geometric End of Arm Tooling

SPIDERGRIP™ END EFFECTORS SpiderGrip™ is a modular, non-adjustable end effector solution engineered for high-precision, heavy-duty geometry setting applications.  Spidergrip offers a standard cost effective solution by making it easy for each component to be replaced individually in the robotic cell without recertification by CMM, dramatically reducing product downtime and eliminating the need for a second, spare end-effector. Precision Components - Spidergrip modular components are easily configurable while maintaining dimensional accuracy after continuous minor collisions. High Strength - Modular components are constructed from 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum for optimum quality and strength. Quick Crash Recovery - Spidergrip is crash test certified and features automatic optical & standard CMM validation points.  The patented collar/key design and engineered breakaway anchor provides quick crash recovery. DOWNLOAD - PDF FILE (3MB)