Torq / Gard

TORQ/GARD™ POWER TRANSMISSION OVERLOAD CLUTCHES Torq/Gard power transmission overload clutches instantly react when torque exceeds preset limits, protecting your machinery's drive train from damage and costly downtime. Its modular design accommodates direct drive, chain drive or other power transmission options and universal mounting eliminates the need for special bore requirements. Modular design fits direct or chain drives, plus other options Universal mounting Seven sizes, trip torque capacity range from 13 in-lb to 8,000 in-lb Single position, automatic reset Torq/Gard Sizing and Selection Torq/Gard® overload clutches are available in seven sizes with trip torques from 13 in-lbs to 8000 in-lbs. Torq/Gard Clutches may be sized using the Speed-Horsepower Chart, the Speed-Torque Chart and these formulas: Torque (in-lb) = Horsepower (hp) x 63025 / RPM Horsepower (hp) = Torque (in-lbs) x RPM / 63025 Tripping Torque (in-lbs) = Operating Torque x Service Factor DOWNLOAD - PDF FILE (9MB)