Pin Packages

DESTACO Pin Locator ClampsĀ are primarily used in the automotive industry as a precision locating device to locate sheet metal parts for weld assembly. The pin locator units can have various attachments that are used for part location. One attachment is an NAAMS pin that is inserted into the arm that extends and retracts from the unit. This pin locates a datum hole in the part to constrain the part. LOCATOR PIN PACKAGES Our locator pin packages are available in various series that have different clamping forces for numerous applications. These pin packages are highly focused for automotive manufacturing, sheet processing industry, jig, and general mechanical engineering applications. Compact design with lateral and front -face mounting areas High accuracy of positioning Inductive sensing module Interchangeable long (for 40 mm stroke) and short (for 20 mm stroke) body DOWNLOAD - PDF FILE (4Mb)