Manual Toggle Clamps

DESTACO Manual Toggle Clamps are heavy duty, high force, high capacity work holding toggle clamps for automation and manufacturing applications. DESTACO offers manual toggle clamps from heavy duty, hold down toggle clamps available with horizontal and vertical handles, to pull action latch clamps, straight line action clamps, squeeze action plier clamps and all related accessories. Whatever your clamping needs, DESTACO have a solution for all of your work holding applications. DESTACO material work holding manual toggle clamps are built to meet the most demanding requirements, to keep your work pieces in place. Work pieces need to be held in a specific position using a specific amount of force in the shortest period of time. Quick clamping; Secure holding; High clamping forces; Distortion-free clamping of the work piece; Good accessibility to the work piece. Work pieces are clamped in nearly all applications of a manufacturing environment. In the metalworking industry and manufacturing applications, reliable work hold clamping is a basic requirement for drilling, welding, bending, grinding, testing and assembling.

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